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martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Yeah, well, if my sky should fall

would you even call?

I've taken way too many pictures since I got my first camera, and when I say "too many" I really mean it. But if you ask me which one of those is my favourite, I don't even have to think. My response is automathic, I swear I wouldn't doubt a second. The one above is by far, and I think will always be (or at least for a very long time), my favourite picture taken by myself.

[January 2009. Laguna Las encadenadas (Tornquist).]

Under the stars, or the neon lights?

Hide and seek

Will they conquer us,

or just burn and die?

[August 2009. Bahía Blanca (during Jornadas del Sur).]

Iron pistils

[May 2009. Recoleta, Buenos Aires.]


Alone at the party

[May 2009. "ArteBA in La rural", Palermo, Buenos Aires.]

My head/rt never left

[January 2009. Tornquist.]

Old frames

All I want

is to see you smile.
(Because you feel like it).

[May 2009. "ArteBA in La rural", Palermo, Buenos Aires.]





Where did all the kids go?


This photograph belongs to the series "In the skies of the city", all taken from Demetrio Elíades building. [November 2009. Mar del Plata.]

"Rojos globos rojos"

I went to see this play twice, just because the first one I did not have my camera with me. From about 120 pictures I took, this is the one I like the most. :)