Lettuce Invasion Photography


jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

Corkscrew lamp

[January 2009. Laguna Las encadenadas (Tornquist).]


[January 2009. Laguna Las encadenadas (Tornquist).]


"I think the result is the same image with much more drama.
Look at the clouds as they acquire volume and the grass colour gets
a more yellowish green tone... as when it has received a lot of water and
cold... which is what the photo inspires me.

(Edit by Roman Gelbort. Thank you for sharing it :D)

She listens; he, in love, takes off the clothes of his fear...

You see? It's all about colour

[January 2009. Laguna Las encadenadas (Tornquist).]

Born again

Take care of your mother

martes, 4 de mayo de 2010


[January 2009. Cerro Calvario (Tornquist).]


Home is not where you live...

but where they understand you, sweetie.

[January 2009. Laguna Las encadenadas (Tornquist).]

You won’t regret it

[January 2009. Villa Ventana.]

Kick your shoes off,
do not fear, bring that bottle over here
cause I'll be your baby tonight.


Complete me


[October 2009. Miramar.]

The view from the afternoon

This photograph belongs to the series "In the skies of the city", all taken from Demetrio Elíades building. [November 2009. Mar del Plata.]