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sábado, 30 de mayo de 2009

Go down


When the fog comes, I want it to wrap us and takes us, where nobody can see us and we cannot see anybody.

martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

Little Pig

You know that I care what happens to you,
and I know that you care for me.
So I don't feel alone,
or the weight of the stone,
now that I've found somewhere safe
to bury my bone.
And any fool knows a dog needs a home,
a shelter from pigs on the wing.

White morning.

[January 2009. Tornquist.]

I remember taking this one a lovely morning at 10am, before going to bed :) when I say lovely morning, I really mean it.

Every picture's got a story...

Crashing waves

sábado, 23 de mayo de 2009





[January 2009. On the way from Tornquist to Villa Ventana.]


Because not even a thousand bottles glitters in the sun
as much as your eyes when you do it,
when you do it well..

Porque ni mil botellas al sol brillan
tanto como tus ojos al hacerlo,
al hacerlo bien.
(Armar de nuevo - Callejeros)


jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

Two as one

-This floor won't let us pass unseen. Wanna come? I'll teach you how to camouflage.
C'mon. I'm missing you.


[January 2009. Tornquist.]

Sunny leaves

Where is the gold?

Though the quality of the picture is not the best, I guess the essence of it is still untouched.
I'm a bit proud of this one :)

miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009


[January 2009. Cerro Calvario (Tornquist).]

martes, 19 de mayo de 2009


With this one, I failed to imitate a pic that I really like and it decorates my desktop. If the author agrees, I might post it someday. You never know. Anyway, it is not (in my opinion) as good as the original is, but I like it. Enjoy.

The not-so-ugly duck

The first of many photographs taken this summer in Sierra de la Ventana and around that I'll be posting. (The first one I post, not the first one I took). One of my favourites, also.

[January 2009. Tornquist.]

domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009

Black Cat

"I seized him; when, in his fright at my violence, he inflicted a slight wound upon my hand with his teeth. The fury of a demon instantly possessed me. I knew myself no longer. My original soul seemed, at once, to take its flight from my body; and a more than fiendish malevolence, gin-nurtured, thrilled every fiber of my frame."

[The black cat - Edgar Allan Poe]

"And then came, as if to my final and irrevocable overthrow, the spirit of PERVERSENESS. Of this spirit philosophy takes no account. Yet I am not more sure that my soul lives, than I am that perverseness is one of the primitive impulses of the human heart --one of the indivisible primary faculties, or sentiments, which give direction to the character of Man."

sábado, 16 de mayo de 2009

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009

Paradise might not be above, after all..

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
blue skies from pain.



Don't give me that look

One of my very few human models. Thanks, Gi, for having such a beautiful eyelashes =P

viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009