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sábado, 9 de mayo de 2009

Don't give me that look

One of my very few human models. Thanks, Gi, for having such a beautiful eyelashes =P

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Anónimo dijo...

i don't know why nobody comments here? but i do, so .... who is the model?
congratulations for the licence! y got the power! (sometimes i think that i'm the one who will bring freedom to the world (like neo or jesus), sometimes no)

*Sere dijo...

i don't know that, either. doesn't matter, anyway very few people knows this blog..
thanks, i love my new licence :) i'm gonna have to give it a name, it's like my child now(?
hahaha neo, jesus, you know they're only a half of a fingertip of yours XD
hip hip urra(?) for the pirates and the freedom and the flying spaghetti monster :)
see ya honey (L

btw the model is my friend from school giselle :)

*Sere dijo...

erratas' faith (=P)

*very few people "know" (without the S)