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jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2007


If I have a name, this is not the place to ask for it. (Go to my other blog, won't you?)
If I live somewhere, is not exactly where I would like to.
If you like my pics, that's really nice.

I'll start posting once I have my computer back and my pics organized.

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¤ÁMßâr Vi0LêT⤠dijo...

Hey, haven't you thought about registering on deviantART? That would be a good place to place your pics and receive comments about them.
This is my account, chack it out: www.ambarvioleta.deviantart.com
I think deviantART community will be of your interest.

¤ÁMßâr Vi0LêT⤠dijo...

"place to place" ahahaha
I'm rather rusty XD

*Sere dijo...

"Place to place", I also noticed that x) sounds funny hehehee

I've checked out devianART a few times before, and there are some things I don't like about the structure(?) or the design, I don't know.. I quite prefer flikr, I've opened and account but I'm not using it yet =)
I might give it a chance someday, so thanks for the data..

Anyway I checked yours, I certainly like the dog from Chapadmalal (L) and the whole series of Plaza San Martin,, so cute!
I have a question, do you still have those all stars in Simon's store? If you do, how much do the cost? I need a new pair, and those are sooooo sweet ñ_ñ

Mmmm I think that's all! Another hug for you lil Mel =P

¤ÁMßâr Vi0LêT⤠dijo...

It's a shame you have no account at deviantART, as I'd be able to follow up your pics thorougly. Think it twice! =P
Thanks for the compliment on the dog's photo, I like it very much. About the Plaza San Martin series, those pics where taken on an outing requested by our teacher at the photography class. We went together there and everybody took pics. I am not quiet at all and jumped into an empty fountain ahahaha They all were worried and amazed. You should have seen their faces, they thought I wouldn't be able to get out of theres XD I took some of those pics from that place. The teacher told us a lot about geometry and simmetry but I didn't pay much attention, I preferred to take spontaneus pics. Anyway, I took a couple of them just to please the teacher ahaha
Next Saturday I will have to bring some printed pics from that day, I'll let you know the results XD
Hopefully, one of my best friends is a photographer himself, so I asked him for advice and he recommended me some of the pics I should take to the photo shop, congratulated me on some of them, criticized others and promised to come from Buenos Aires and visit me. There's a lot of time since I last met him and I love going out with him and watch him take photos with using his great cam. This time I will be able to take pics with him and let him teach me a lot =)
If you are interested in checking his work (he's quite lazy, so he doesn't upload most of his wonderful material ¬¬) his deviantART space is http://xlpcx.deviantart.com/
I'm so proud of being with him during the shoot of "Torreon del Monje".
Well, this was quite a long comment. Regarding the All Stars they were sold a long long time ago XD However, we'll have plenty of new stuff next week, so feel free to come and check it out =)
Come and visit me anytime you wish.

Marcelo Ferreiro dijo...

Bueno, llegué aca por un comment tuyo en mi blog y me recorrí todas las fotos hasta que llegué a la presentación ;) muy buenas todas, algunas me gustaron especialmente más :)

Me voy a suscribir al feed RSS así me entero de nuevas fotos :)

*Sere dijo...

Gracias por tomarte el ratito de verlas todas :) la presentación es probablemente el post más mala onda que haya escrito en la vida, pero nunca se me ocurrió nada mejor para poner asique.. :P

No tengo lector de feeds aun, pero voy a estar entrando regularmente a tu blog también para ver actualizaciones. De nuevo gracias y saludos!