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viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009


When I see this, the only thing I can think of is how tiny we all are. I might have not discovered the wheel, (I know I am repeating something is been said so many times), is just.. You cannot imagine how you feel, how I felt, when I saw that image. When I walked through that door, climbed up the wall and stared at the sea. With all his infinity and his immensity. You feel like no matter how much you walk you're never gonna see what earth has got for you. Like no matter what you do, you're never gonna be strong enough, big enough, smart enough. You can only stand with your eyes opened, big as two plates, trying to see everything and knowing you cannot get all the details in this life and you won't be able in your next one. With this photograph I start posting the series "In the skies of the city", all taken from Demetrio Elíades building. [November 2009. Mar del Plata.] Enjoy, at least as much as you can with your tiny human eyes :)

3 comentarios:

@cristian dijo...

When I went through the roof door immediately thought the same thing as you but then, looking all the concrete surrounding us began to see everything that mankind has progressed over the years. Very good on the one hand, but bad for so many others.

*Sere dijo...

It's true, mankind has progressed. But perhaps 'cause I'm even tinier than other people (:P) there's no room in my head for the image of human being finally conquering everything that's left to find.
I prefer to believe we're small and we'll always have something new see. If not, what are we supposed to take photos of? :)

@cristian dijo...

do not worry, we remain very small